STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Into Summer

June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Where did spring go? Lately, it seems as if the smooth transitions between seasons have faded; however, with the recent celebration of Memorial Day, we have gone straight into summer. Fellow Fashionistas/os, summer is here to stay, and I could not be any happier!

With the recent climate fluctuations I seem to question my everyday outfits. I ask myself, “Will it be to hot to wear this top?” or “Maybe I should bring a jacket?” and even “Maybe I should change my bag to a bigger one so I can carry extra clothing?” With the constant state of weather confusion, it almost seems appropriate that I am asking myself these daily questions. However, having asked myself, questioned my sanity and taken inspiration from the Milly resort 2015 collection, I think I found the most appropriate article of clothing to wear in situations like this. The Milly collection featured various kinds of styles; however, the most abundant theme was the idea of modern basics. The essential basics that were juxtaposed with the unpredictable weather only calls for the most appropriate article of clothing—a denim jacket. Denim is a very breathable fabric. It is heavy enough to stay warm of a chilly evening, and light enough to wear on a warm day. The denim jacket is also very versatile, you can dress it up, down, wear it oversized, but I opted for more of a basic fitted jacket.

For the past few days I have been in and out of New York City, and on the few occasions that I was there, I noticed that a lot of women were wearing shorts with oxfords, and the Milly resort collection featured all of the outfits with oxfords. For some odd reason it clicked. Shorts and oxfords, the new summer trend, combined with me being the risk-taking kind of girl I am—I had to give it a shot. I decided to dress down my choice of shorts and oxfords. Pairing them with an all denim ensemble, and my go-to neon cross-body bag. I love matching different shades of denim together! The pop of color found in the bag and the neutral-toned shoe allow for the denim jacket to be the star of the outfit!

Get My Look: 1. A basic denim jacket. 2. Versatile oxfords. 3. Neon cross-body bag.