STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Boots and Summer Dresses

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Boots and Summer Dresses

There’s nothing like a T-shirt dress in the summer, but this summer it’s about lace-up tees. Every since Kanye West dropped his clothing line distressed T-shirts have been the rave, but the lace up gives the look a new dynamic. The vintage V-necks have been spotted everywhere this summer. After a few tries I was able to incorporate this latest trend into my summer style.

Most people would pair a dress with sandals, right? Well, the Calvin Klein summer/spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection was the perfect inspiration for something different. This collection paired the dresses with booties, and left just the perfect amount of leg showing! I was so imbued with this look that I mimicked it when I created mine. 

A slight difference but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this look is my shoes. Unlike regular booties, mine are transparent. Ever since I saw Solange at this years Met Gala with similar shoes I knew I had to have them. These shoes are very popular, but often difficult to find something to pair with. I was going for a specific look, and I think I achieved it.

Fashionistas looking to mimic this ensemble look no further! The clear Perspex boots can be ordered on Public Desire or EgoOfficial. The lace-up T-shirt that I’m wearing is everywhere now, and if you want to wear it like me just order it a bit larger! My favorite part of this look was my big hair, which I received from Lionista Hair. I hope you guys have as much fun as I did turning heads with this look!

Get My Look: 1. Boots. 2. T-shirt. 3. Hair. 4. Choker.