Beauty is pain. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all made it our mantra while we pranced around in six inch heels, blisters forming like predictable consequences. And then, like a perfectly timed masterpiece, the sneakers and dress trend hit the runway last year and continues to be seen on models in runway shows today. Sneakers with formal dresses? Who dares to go there? Well, Burberry did, and rocked it.

I drew inspiration from the Burberry Prorsum spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection when putting together my look. The show featured mostly solid colors with whimsical details and crisp sneakers. Most looks featured dresses or skirts that were layered with jackets and tops.

It’s important to me that I’m comfortable whenever I go out, regardless of the occasion. So, the sneakers with dress trend is something I was definitely excited about, to say the least. I opted for casual, white Converse kicks to serve as my sneakers for the look. A main feature in Burberry’s show was incorporating flowy layers to contrast the stiff, stationary element of the sneakers. I chose to layer a flowy, graphic crop top over a swing tank dress to add dimension to my staple dress and incorporate the layering effect. To add whimsy to my personal style, I opted for a playful, fringe cross-body bag and colorful tassel bracelets.

I put a twist on Burberry’s look by incorporating color in my accessories rather than in my staple pieces. I also opted for a more casual feel with flowy, breathable fabric that is more practical for the stuffy summer season.

Goodbye six inch heels and blisters, and hello casual, comfortable style complete with clean kicks. If Burberry did it, so can we.

Get my look: 1. Any swing tank dress. 2. A graphic crop top. 3. White sneakers. 4. Tassel bracelets.