Fashion Week is one of the greatest times of the year. Designers get to debut new, fresh styles for the upcoming season. While I was scrolling through, I came across Moschino’s fall 2015 collection.  I never really had seen much of Moschino’s clothing, but knew the label’s creative director, Jeremy Scott, always presented clothes that were wild and unique. The latest collection did not disappoint. The biggest theme throughout the show was clothing that was sporty from joggers to sweatshirts with Looney Tunes characters on them. Nothing beats a classic Chanel or Oscar de la Renta show, but the Moschino show was something that definitely made a splash.

Since I usually wear more muted colors, I decided to try out the same sporty look, but with things I had in my wardrobe. I recently got a pair of black joggers for Christmas that I absolutely love. They are so comfortable, but can be dressed up or dressed down. The ones I have are similar to the ones worn in the Moschino show, so they were my go-to piece when I was trying out this look. Also, one of the main accessories used in the show were backpacks of all different shapes and sizes. Another one of my Christmas gifts was my leather backpack, which is the perfect size for all my needs and it is much more stylish than a regular JanSport. The backpack, again, is a reflection of the Moschino show, even though it’s not a super bright color like the ones used in the show. To go with the black joggers, I went with a white T-shirt and an army green shirt to layer with. Finally, to finish off the look I put on my sparkly Converse high-tops to add just a little crazy to the outfit, like Moschino did.

I was dying for every look that was presented in this show, and Moschino reminded me to keep my style fresh, fun and wild!

Get My Look: 1. Joggers. 2. A leather backpack. 3. Sparkly Converse shoes.