January 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m a 90s girl who grew up with the Spice Girls. Their outfits may look outlandish now, but back then those talented ladies were fabulous. Although most days I do my very best to be half as chic as Victoria Beckham, today Sporty Spice was my inspiration. Aside from her, I was inspired by designer Alexander Schaper and his transition from Adidas to Filippa K. Trust me I am definitely more of a girly-girl than a tomboy, but even Fashionistas have bad hair days and makeup-less mornings that call for baseball caps and outwear that’s as stylish as formalwear, which is exactly what Schaper is hoping to accomplish. This is the definition of toughing it, in the fashion world that is.

Lately, I’ve been interested in pairing items from different genres together. Going through various online shopping sites, I saw leather and sequin caps being paired with a variety of looks. It can work for casual or a night out, so the decision is really up to the stylist. I saw myself trying this trend during the daytime far more. Since the new year I’ve done plenty of shopping, without restricting myself to any certain style. For example, I took a graphic sweater and made it posh by adding a black fur vest. I also kept things laid-back with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Rather than just tying my hair up, I decided to be more creative when it came to hiding my dirty hair and pale face.

First thing that came to my mind, baseball cap! They’re easy and offer complete scalp coverage. However, one of my little brother’s Adidas caps completely ruined every outfit I tried on, unless it was lululemon. I needed something better to match my daily wardrobe. So I found the best of both worlds, a cap covered in pleather and metallic undertones. Now, if softball teams offered these as part of their uniforms, I think I would’ve joined the team.

Secondly, it was clear sunglasses were necessary. You see in my post-facial, post-peel stage, it’s best to leave my face alone and free from cover-up and foundation. Practically every designer makes sunglasses, making it highly likely for you not to find your perfect pair. Unfortunately, some of us never seem to find the perfect shape or style for our faces. For those situations, I say customize. I recently created these sunglasses with Made Eyewear. I chose the style, shape, color and print to create my new favorite pair of shades. They don’t just look good; they do the trick when distracting pedestrians from your face is your main goal.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic Sweater 2. Fur vest 3. Skinny jeans 4. Ankle boots 5. A choker 6.  Trendy Baseball cap 7. Sunglasses