August 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

Athleisure just so happens to be one of the biggest trends of the season. Designers and consumers seem to be obsessed with clothing that fit into the categories of being appropriate for athletic or leisure pursuits, or both! Essentially, that means that comfy sneakers are in, and not-so-comfortable heels are out!

The athleisure trend can be seen all over the runways, most specifically through the Yeezy fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The collection mixes comfy, oversized T-shirts, skirts and dresses with futuristic prints. It manages to merge the idea of hanging around in sweat pants with going out for a girls night. What I especially love about the collection is that big, chunky sweaters are paired with more slender garments, as demonstrated through look 23. This exemplifies comfort and fashion in a seamless manner.

After being inspired by the runway, I decided to give the popular trend a go. I paired a more casual tee, made with a thicker, dressier fabric, and a denim skirt. I finished the look off with a pair of Nike Air Force 1s and sunglasses. Not only was I super comfortable all day, but I also felt super on-trend. I didn’t feel like I was so casual that I could be mistaken for having just left the gym, but I was not so fancy that I looked like I had just left an office meeting.

The athleisure trend is definitely one that I am going to continue experimenting with, possibly adding a futuristic touch to it, as seen on the runway, next time.

Who ever said you can’t look great and be comfortable while doing it?

Get My Look: 1. Sporty top 2. Skirt 3. Shoes 4. Sunglasses