STYLE GURU STYLE: Sporty Minimalist

The dog days of summer are not yet over! The Tri-State weather is at its all-time high reaching the high 90s and 80s. Aside from the occasional uncomfortable dry heat and humidity, there are some perks to summer weather like a luminous tan, beach hair and much more. However, as the temperature increases I begin to find it very difficult to dress for these recent boiling temperatures. I would on occasion opt for a indoor kind of day where I just blast the air conditioner and binge watch Game of Thrones, but mid binge I realized something. I realized that my gym clothing would be perfect for these comfortable temperatures because they are light and feature very breathable fabrics. I instantly took inspiration from Calvin Klein’s resort 2016 collection. Klein’s collection incorporated a very minimal aesthetic mixed with 1920s silhouettes and sporty fabrics.

Although my outfit lacks the 1920s shaped clothing, I still managed to incorporate my go-to gym tank with my favorite mini skirt to add a bit of spice to the overall bland outfit. The black and white color palette that was featured in Klein’s collection was also incorporated into my outfit. The neutral contrasting colors paired together makes the outfit pop. The white color of my tank contrasts perfectly with the radiance of my leather mini skirt. The asymmetrical cut of my skirt may resemble a contemporary tennis skirt, but with the caramel colored sneakers adds a sense of minimalistic edginess into this unexpected outfit pairing. To tie this outfit together, I opted for a pair tricolored earrings to add a pop of color to this sporty minimalistic look.

Get My Look: 1. White tank top. 2. Leather skirt. 3. Caramel sneakers.