STYLE GURU STYLE: Sporty Meets Chic

After spending a week doing some soul searching in Seoul, South Korea, I have noticed that the street style of this fashion capital seems to be heavily influenced by athletic wear. The “sporty-chic” trend that has already taken Asia by storm is slowly, but surely, being introduced into the United States.

One of my favorite brands, Rag & Bone, recently released their resort 2017 collection, which features everything from tracksuits to bomber jackets. The collection layers very simple pieces, like joggers and button-ups, in unique ways to create head-to-toe designs fit for the both the workplace and a night out.

While all the designs are beautiful and it would be impossible to choose a favorite, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sneakers that were featured in most of the outfits. The prevalence of the athletic trend and the constant repeat of kelly green in the collection reminded me of my favorite pair of shoes: my adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

I wanted to create an outfit using my adidas shoes, which are a huge staple in both my wardrobe and the wardrobes of many of my fellow Style Gurus, as the focal point. The Rag & Bone collection used sneakers to make dressier outfits seem more casual and I did the same thing, choosing to incorporate an army green dress into my sporty look. I layered a short sleeve button-up shirt to make the dress more appropriate for daytime wear. To top it all off, I added my everyday jewelry and a black clutch, courtesy of my mom’s wardrobe.

My everyday style may not look exactly like the collection, but I pulled the bits and pieces that I liked and incorporated them into my fashion choices. To all you Fashionistas/os out there who enjoyed the look, I encourage you to find a sporty piece to add to your own closets this summer!

Get My Look: 1. Button-up shirt 2. Casual dress 3. Stan Smith sneakers.