STYLE GURU STYLE: Sporty Crop Tops

The fashion world is still obsessed with the athletic look of sports bras that double as crop tops and I am no exception. I’m in love with how crop tops look with high-waisted bottoms. I was browsing and came across this look by Bouchra Jarrar. I like this particular style because the crop top has more of a bandeau look to it and is shorter than a basic crop top. This kind of style intrigued me because you can experiment with so many different proportions and layers.

When I was thinking of how to translate this look into something that I would wear, I knew immediately what top I wanted to style. This look definitely isn’t something I would wear in the daytime, but for going out at night, I would unquestionably wear this combination.

I chose this crop top because, worn alone, it looks like a fashionable sports bra, but when I layer it, it looks more cool and edgy. I paired the top with a faux leather vest because it amps up the cool factor. For the skirt I decided to add some texture into the mix by throwing on a velvet high-waisted skirt. I like that it’s a solid color, so it doesn’t make the outfit too crazy, but adds an element of surprise with the velvet. For accessories, I used my favorite necklaces to layer. They give the outfit a personal touch and add more of a rocker vibe. This outfit would also be great to wear to a concert! If you’re going to a concert, you might want to switch out the shoes for a more comfortable choice (heel height is a curse and a blessing).

Get My Look: 1. Crop top. 2. Velvet skirt. 3. Leather vest.