Sometimes I wonder if I like accessories more than clothes themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love a statement dress just as much as the next person. That being said, a killer pair of boots or even an amazing pair of sunglasses can make an outfit for me. So, as much as I love clothes, I sometimes find myself putting together an ensemble solely based on the shoes or bag I will wear. Which is why the fall 2014 ready-to-wear Saint Laurent collection was one of my favorites from the whole season.

While I slowly became infatuated with the sheer black blouses, tailored blazers and studded skirts walking the runway, I instantly, irrevocably fell in love with the sparkly knee-high boots the models rocked throughout the show. The silver boots were both eye-catching and impeccably done, and not to mention, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I knew the moment I saw the photos from the show last October that I would want to recreate the look for myself.

The actual Saint Laurent boots are quite hard to get a hold of (plus, they are way beyond a college student’s budget), so I purchased a similar pair. Although they’re booties and a rose gold color, they are still bright, sparkly and fabulous. I paired my booties with an all-black outfit, made up of black shorts and a sheer black shirt. Then I topped my look with a camouflage jacket to play against the girly nature of the boots. In terms of accessories, I wore a fun black hat in addition to gold jewelry and my favorite clear lucite clutch.

A girl can surely dream of owning a pair of Saint Laurent boots, but I happily settled with an equally fun and gorgeous pair of sparkly booties. I attempted to have my outfit revolve around the accessories, much like the original Saint Laurent show did. While it’s certainly easy to get caught up in clothing structure and design, sometimes a good accessory is all an outfit needs.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of sparkly boots. 2. A sheer black blouse. 3. A fun statement clutch.