STYLE GURU STYLE: Sometimes White Is The Boldest Color

White was never my favorite color to wear. As a kid, I was messy and reckless, which may explain my rocky relationship with the color white. Time and time again, I’d come home and look down to find what I’d had for lunch that day or the remnants of an arts and crafts project represented brightly on my beautiful white shirt. However, I always admired the bright contrast of a white ensemble and the striking statement in wearing such a bright, yet versatile color.

Jasmin Shokrian’s beautiful ready-to-wear show for spring 2015 has completely sold me on the look. Her collection shows off the soft femininity of a loose, white fashion piece. The larger pieces strive to hint at the models’ figures without clinging to them, which enhances the cozy and approachable statement look that I craved. Shokrian’s pieces are alternately paired with light blue and metallic additions that further complement the bright white.

I took this look to the street by pairing an oversized white sweater with a comfy, spotted blue scarf. Additionally, I referenced Shokrian’s metallic accents by adding a minimal silver ear cuff to my ear. The white of the sweater seemed to embody the colors of the snow-covered trees outside, while still capturing the warmth and comfort of a large blanket. For my look, I would advise wearing a sweater that is a couple of sizes too big in order to truly achieve the classically casual look. To make the look my own, I paired the ensemble with my favorite red lip and a matching red hair bow. The bright, cherry red emphasized the contrasting light blue scarf and made the white sweater even more striking.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized white sweater. 2. A bright red bow. 3. A minimal silver ear cuff.