STYLE GURU STYLE: Some Trends May Never Fade

There was a time when I was a “’90s kid,” where high-waisted mom jeans and bucket hats were the norm. Then, the 2000s came around and some trends progressed while some fads faded. People no longer wore tattoo chokers or flannels around their waists. Destroyed Levi Brand jeans were never a thing, and people weren’t going to Forever 21 to find these kinds of pieces. But, what we all know about fashion is that it is constantly changing and incorporating old school trends. Madewell’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection helps Fashionistas see how important these has-been pieces are to every gal’s closet.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I have become very nostalgic. I really miss the ’90s style that I grew up with and never really appreciated until now. It has somehow become part of my own personal style and the way I like to define it. Because of the ’90s, or more importantly because of Kate Moss, Courtney Love, the Spice Girls and, of course, Madonna, I am able to unleash the kid who has always been there. Well, I guess I mean the style that I’ve never really been able to let go of. Flannels, like the one around my waist, are easily one of my favorite go-to trends. There’s something about a flannel around my waist that really seems to boost my confidence in any outfit. Pairing an old school flannel with ripped, high-waisted black jeans is definitely a casual yet trendy way of freeing my inner Fashionista on days where I don’t feel like dressing to impress.

Get My Look: 1. Tattoo Choker 2. Flannel 3. Jeans