STYLE GURU STYLE: Some Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

I distinctly remember when I heard about E!’s House of DVF last year.  It was about a group of girls competing for a brand ambassador position at Diane von Furstenberg. The girls, who were all super competitive twenty-somethings, were assigned various challenges each week. Whoever didn’t perform well enough on any given task, whether it was to create their own sketch of the iconic DVF wrap dress or help dress celebrity guests, was sent home, packing their bags. The last girl standing was to win the brand ambassador position. The show was full of cat-fights, drama and lots of tears.

Entertainment aside, I was super inspired by what each girl wore on the show and also all by the wonderful clothing kept in DVF’s huge building. There were lots of modern patterns, girly florals and, of course, adorable heels. After the show wrapped up, I was anxious to see what DVF had in store for 2015. I took a look at some of the runway trends in Diane von Furstenberg’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show and decided to come up with something on my own.

I love how each look in this runway show was unique, and I wanted to create a look inspired by that. I also wanted a look that had pieces that paired well together, but were also beautiful on their own. The pleated floral dress that I am wearing was bought from Dry Goods, which is one of my favorite clothing stores; you absolutely cannot go wrong there! The dress goes along with my style of being comfortable, yet cute and is also very versatile. For example, I could wear this dress out to dinner, out with my friends and even for class.

To complete the look, I am wearing a pair of heeled booties that are also from Dry Goods. I love shoes and have a lot, but this pair is probably one of the most unique pairs I own. It has a vintage feel with the cream color, laces and pattern, but feels so fashion-forward and chic. I believe that shoes can take an outfit from, “This outfit is cute,” to, “Step aside, people! Beyoncé coming through!” I love how these shoes also work with the floral pattern in the dress. Thanks, DVF!

Get My Look: 1. A floral or patterned dress. 2. A rocking pair of shoes are perfect for the summer, as well as for back to school! 3. Add a cute accessory, like some sunglasses for extra flair!