STYLE GURU STYLE: Soft and Simple

STYLE GURU STYLE: Soft and Simple

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! We are reaching the middle of summer, and I’m sure everyone is having fun in the sun. Summer is all about tanner skin and lighter hair, which allows us to wear some soft colors with confidence.

In the spring 2013 Balenciaga ready-to-wear collection, I really loved how the designer used crop tops and skirts with simple colors. The tricky part about crop tops and high-waisted skirt outfits is that they usually end up not fitting right or feeling uncomfortable, but the one I created is completely comfy and super cute for an everyday look. Balenciaga did a really good job of making the outfits look, not only very simple and comfortable, but also “coded sweet as much as sexy.” With most of the looks showing a little midriff, makes it a tasteful and cute at the same time. This looked like a fun challenge for me, so I decided to look for my own taste and twist to the style.

I hit the nail on the head of Balenciaga inspiration at Forever 21, where I found this crop top I am wearing. I love this top because it is comfy and also shows off a little of the tan skin on the side, which is perfect for summertime. To match the top, I wore a white-patterned scrunchy to tie it together nicely. I love to rock a cute scrunchy once in a while because it is a cute accessory that almost always goes with everything you wear!

I also wore a lipstick that matches my scrunchy and adds a little pop of color in my soft-toned outfit. This coral color is perfect for summertime and goes with a lot of outfits. For my eyeshadow, I went with a little smokey eye from my Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. I did a soft gold combination to bring some warm colors into the mix of soft tones.

Summer is all about everything high-waisted. In this outfit I am wearing a light blue high-waisted zip-up mini skirt. I love this skirt because it is so cute and simple. The zipper on this is probably my favorite part because it is so unique and different from any skirt I’ve ever had in my wardrobe. The color brings out the tan I have been getting this summer so that is also a plus!

Last but not least, the shoes. These flats are amazing to be completely honest. I have worn them to many different places for different occasions and they never disappoint. The last time I wore them was when I photographed my best friend’s wedding and they were comfortable to walk in all day. They are so cute and look professional, so you really cannot go wrong if you are deciding if you want to purchase some or not.

As for accessories, I didn’t really want any because I wanted the clothes to speak for themselves and let the outfit be as simple and cute as possible. I am a busy girl so I like to keep most of my outfits soft and simple. Hope this helped some of you!

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