As many of you may have seen, Dolce&Gabbana recently held the Alta Moda show in Portofino on the Italian Riviera. I was inspired by Dolce&Gabbana! The theme of the show was a beautiful, fairy-like garden landscape. Matching with the ethereal gardens of (fun fact) Dolce&Gabbana’s own home, the dresses literally blossomed with fruits and flowers. It was simply a melody of flowery prints on satin gowns combined with many feathers and jewels!

I was inspired by this pink satin outfit. The structure was reminiscent of a kimono. The model looked very imperial! I found a dress from Urban Outfitters that matched very well with the pink tone of the kimono as well as with the oriental style of the flower print. As my dress was very simple, I decided to bring out a bit of avant-garde in my look and edge it up by adding a leather jacket. I noticed the defined ruffles on the bottom of the kimono, and I found I had a minimalist version of them with the frays on the bottom of my dress. I thought the purse had an oriental style to it with its design of floral and its satin shine. I find that those frays were kind of a metaphor for avant-garde.

In the real world, everything needs to be taken down a notch (well expect for Lady Gaga!). Keeping with the soft pink hues of my dress, I added some velvet creepers from H&M, which was another minimalist avant-garde touch. I finally added some pink skull earrings, which I thought were a bit daring, but I liked them because they stood out in a small way. I thought this would be a great opportunity to experiment with soft and rough pieces. I’m very pleased with how I balanced the combination! I encourage all of you guys to go avant-garde and experiment with your wardrobe this week!

Get My Look: 1. Floral dress. 2. Creepers. 3. Leather jacket.