STYLE GURU STYLE: Sneakers Run the World

A trend that I have seen everywhere lately is pairing sneakers with any outfit, including feminine ones. I find it exciting that women can still be girly with the comfort of a sneaker. The DKNY spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection displays this perfectly. With a variety of color and patterns, the skirts and dresses were paired with cool platform sneakers. They gave the entire collection an edge to counteract the feminine silhouettes. I had so much inspiration to create a cool yet girly outfit that could take me anywhere this summer.

Since I already had the sneakers ready to go, I had to pick clothing to compliment the black and purple design on them. I grabbed my floral T-shirt that had flecks of purple and blue. The top worked perfectly with the shoes and I liked the fact that the floral pattern wasn’t too bright.

To follow the DKNY collection, I layered my top over a black tunic dress. I didn’t take my black skirt home with me, but the dress worked just as well. To give the outfit more shape, I tied a knot on the side of the top. This also gives the illusion that I am wearing a skirt. The knot adds a cute touch to the whole outfit, and compliments the overall theme of mixing feminine and sporty.

Want to know something cool? With an outfit like this, you can go from sporty to dressy in less than a minute! All you have to do is change your sneakers to heels. It’s an option, but we all know that we would like to stay in the sneakers as long as we can.

Get My Look: 1. Sneakers. 2. Black skirt. 3. Feminine top.