STYLE GURU STYLE: Sneakers on Sneakers

Following the rise of althleisure, has been the popularity of wearing tennis shoes stylishly. Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein all featured tennis shoes paired with high fashion in their spring/summer 2016 collections. Sneakers with a fashion-forward outfit is the epitome of comfy-chic. My favorite designer, Calvin Klein, killed the game. Calvin Klein’s collection consisted of mostly black and white satin tones. All models wore sneakers with their looks. In this runway show, minimalism is key and proves less really is more.

Utilizing inspiration from Calvin Klein’s collection, I channeled my inner minimalist.  I kept to basics by wearing a white V-neck bodysuit and high-waisted skinny dark wash jeans.These acted as compliment pieces. I made the main focus my shoes since my main take back from the collection was the sneakers. I styled an outfit around my adidas Superstars. Staying true to the prevalence of neutrals in the collection, I stuck to black and white. Staying true to myself, I added denim for a ’90s grunge look.

My new found love for belts was displayed with this black leather belt. The silver western belt buckle adds a playful twist to the classic leather belt. I wore a black choker to keep to my color scheme for this look. Black chokers are the perfect accessory to make any look more edgy. I wore the denim Calvin Klein hat, not only to pay homage to my inspiration, but also as a statement piece. Denim on denim can be hit or miss. A key way to make it a “do” is to wear different washes.

My look is ’90s fashion with a modern take inspired by Calvin Klein’s spring 2016 collection. adidas shoes, a choker and denim on denim. The ’90s have officially made a comeback this season. Sneakers are not only comfortable but they make any Fashionista’s look more trendy. Be sure to get some stylish kicks to rock on a daily basis. Althleisure is in and lets take advantage of this comfy trend.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of adidas superstars. 2. A denim hat. 3. A bold belt. 4. A bodysuit.