STYLE GURU STYLE: Slouchy Sophistication

August 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

The popularity of florals seem to come and go. I go through phases of adding pieces with flowers to my wardrobe every now and then: a skirt here, a shirt there. These pieces typically don’t get worn very frequently though because when it’s time to pull together an outfit, florals overwhelm me.

For this very reason, I have fallen in love with the 6397 resort 2017 collection and I have taken inspiration from it for this outfit. The looks featured in this collection transform the typically boyish looks with touches of soft fabrics, pinks, and especially through the use of roses. The collection maintains 6397’s slouchy yet comfortable style, but in a slightly more sophisticated manner. It is about looking good, but also evokes a strong sense of easiness.

To reproduce a look with similar spirit, I began with the basics: a loose-fitting, black dress. Drawing from the collection, I incorporated a delicate rose necklace with gold chain. Also, a main feature in the collection are simple sneakers, which I achieved with my go-to white Converse, although Vans or Keds would also work well.

I added a few touches of my own with the accessories. The funky fringe cross body bag is something that I have been rocking all summer long, from Kohl’s department store. I kept the sunglasses simple, Elle brand also from Kohl’s, and I had fun with the pop of pink lips from my NYX matte lip gloss.

Get My Look: 1. Loose black dress. 2. Rose Necklace. 3. A pair of basic sneakers.