Different trends are seen every single day. Whether they are seen on the streets, at work or on the runway; they are everywhere. I am always inspired to try out new looks, especially as my eyes are glued to my computer screen browsing the runway looks of the latest fashion shows.

As I was looking through the resort 2015 fashion show, my eyes couldn’t keep away from the Barbara Bui collection. It was filled with tons of chic looks consisting of a lot of black and one specific trend I couldn’t stop staring at. The model was seen in many different photos wearing a slouchy pant. This look is definitely a different one, but one I adore. I decided to take a whirl at this look myself. I pulled from my closet a pair of black leather slouchy pants. They have a silver drawstring and slouch in the waist area, but they tighten up around the leg. I paired these pants with a comfy blue sweater for an everyday look and a pair of black combat boots. I threw on a few rings and a silver gem stoned bracelet to complete my look.

Barbara Bui’s collection really opened my eyes to this trend and gave me the inspiration to actually try it. I have a lot of pants that follow this same look, but I find it hard to actually pair them with other pieces for an everyday look. The collection is totally gorgeous and effortless. Sometimes all you need is a little push to break out of your comfort zone and wear the things you love!

Get My Look: 1. Slouchy pants. 2. Comfy sweater. 3. Combat boots.