STYLE GURU STYLE: Slip-On Those Layers

August 10th, 2016 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Slip-On Those Layers

Minimalism is a constant when it comes to my wardrobe and inspiration for outfit creations. Consequently, I often lean towards structured pieces, layering and color-blocking with pure values. The combination of black and white is a classically timeless and these two colors are the foundation of my look.

The DKNY resort 2017 collection sparked my idea of creating this ensemble. The designs were beautifully structured and can very easily be used when layering. I tried to emulate the reoccurring theme of the ’90s slip-on dress and color-blocking in their collection. The pieces I chose however, offer a more casual rendition of the designs shown on the runway.

The main focus of my look is a black slip-on dress with a triangle cutout in the bust area, revealing an off-the-shoulder white top. To add more texture, the choice of bag is a floral studded cross-body bag. Gold jewelry accents the black dress and a pair of suede platform booties complete the look in an edgy manner. A pair of brow-line sunglasses can add focus to one’s face and neckline.

The beauty of using solid colors and crisp structures is the ability to change the entire perception of a look. This outfit can be dressed up or down with either the simple addition of a jean jacket, an accent clutch or swapping out the wedges for a pair of Converse sneakers!

Fashion gives individuals the freedom to emulate completely different styles each and every day. The best part of creating renditions of looks fresh off of the runway is the opportunity to get creative and make them your own!

Get My Look: 1.An off-the-shoulder white top 2.A slip-on dress 3.Gold Jewelry.