STYLE GURU STYLE: Slip-on Sneakers

One of my favorite emerging trends is the slip-on sneaker. Reminiscent of Vans slip-ons, this style feels youthful while still being fresh. The trend is inspired by Chanel’s spring 2014 couture fashion show, where Lagerfeld utilizes classic Chanel tweed dresses and jackets and pairs them with sneakers. The sneakers vary in color and texture, creating statement shoes for these upcoming seasons. You may be wondering why Chanel haute couture included sneakers because that seems contradictory, right? That is the beauty of fashion; it is ironic and always full of surprises.

So while I am unfortunately not wearing a Chanel ensemble, I am still able to translate this haute couture trend to everyday wear. Today I chose to wear my snakeskin print Topshop slip-on sneakers to create a casual look. I am fairly tall, and while I love to wear heels, sometimes it is nice to not tower over everyone. Additionally, I am relieved to find a fashion that is more functional and allows my feet to be comfortable for once. My feet thank you, Lagerfeld. These sneakers are perfect for going to class or for shopping around. I paired my sneakers with a pair of light washed, distressed jeans, a plain white T-shirt and my favorite leather jacket. I decided to go simple and keep the outfit neutral to let my accessories speak for themselves. Looking at the Chanel runway show, you can see that each look is monochromatic and the shoes match the overall color. I paired the outfit with some layered rings and my black, studded handbag for a touch of edge to complement the slip-ons. Whatever pattern or texture you choose for your slip-on sneaker, there is a style for everyone.

Get My Look: 1. Distressed jeans. 2. A plain white T-shirt. 3. A leather jacket.