STYLE GURU STYLE: Slip-on a Skirt

STYLE GURU STYLE: Slip-on a Skirt

Doesn’t everyone hate the feeling of forcing on a pair of skinny jeans?  I know I do.  The struggle with jeans doesn’t end with getting them on though. Throughout the day we have to constantly pull them up and worry about bending down.  Moving around in jeans just sucks all around.  That’s why nine out of 10 times I’d rather slip into a skirt.  I mean they’re so comfortable!  That’s not the only reason I prefer them though. There are so many other pros to skirts and dresses that I sometimes question why girls don’t wear them all the time?

First off, skirts are incredibly versatile.  It’s one article of clothing that you can get away with wearing almost anywhere: church, school, parties, events or even shopping.  By simply changing up your shoes and accessories, a skirt outfit can go from casual to dressy with ease! Now think about this: how hard is it to find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly?  Almost impossible. With skirts you don’t need to worry about that.  Skirts and dresses hide the areas we all want hidden the most (except for pencil skirts and bodycon dresses, of course).  Finally, let’s get back to the comfort factor.  Skirts are so roomy and loose.  They let air in and on a hot day what more could someone want?

As you can see, I chose to take advantage of the versatility of skirts.  My outfit isn’t completely casual but I could also dress it up a lot more.  It’s the perfect outfit for going out to eat or a day in the city.  I paired this skirt from H&M with a white bodysuit.  I love bodysuits, because you never have to worry about adjusting them or tucking them in.  These shoes are my new favorites.  I’m obsessed with lace-up flats, and the ones I’m wearing are perfect for entering fall because they’re closed toe.  I accessorized my outfit with a black leather satchel, and black and gold jewelry.  The last awesome thing about this outfit is that I can throw on a pair of black heels and I’m ready for a night out!

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