STYLE GURU STYLE: Slightly '70s

My friends and I always joke about how we positively had to be born in the wrong generation. We discuss how we wish we could invent a time machine to experience a generation we could enjoy with less technology and more easy-going attitudes. Luckily, fashion can be a way to travel to the past in unique ways (time machine not needed.) The Emilio Pucci collection takes us back to the ’70s; a time of free love and Stevie Nicks. The spring 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show inspires carefree vibes of the era, with ultra-flared pants and floral prints.

My favorite look in the collection consists of a bold patterned top and flare pants. The patterns on the outfit take away the need for any statement jewelry, because they are a statement within themselves. I adore this, because I love to keep my jewelry simple and dainty.

Recreating this look was fun and I decided to simply tone down the patterns and drama of Pucci’s collection. By making prints more subtle, dressing ’70s-esque is acceptable for the daytime. The flare pants are definitely the star of this outfit and they mirror the bellbottom pants that were worn by so many ’70s Fashionistas. The daisy floral print also is reminiscent of the psychedelic patterns of the era. By choosing to highlight these two components of the collection, being a hippy for a day was a breeze.

In a addition, I tried to make this look summer appropriate by adding a fitted crop top that shows a little skin on the mid-drift and shoulders. The solid white top is a simple contrast to the patterned pants and I like how it brings out the white in the daisy pattern. I decided to keep my accessories simple with black platform wedges, a black clutch and a simple gold bangle.

Creating this look made me realize that some fashion trends from the past never truly die. I will keep my mind open to new ideas from now on; after all, who thought we’d be wearing bellbottoms in 2015?

Get My Look: 1. Printed flare pants. 2. Fitted crop top. 3. Platform wedges.