STYLE GURU STYLE: Sleek in the Streets

Usually at the utterance of the words “monochromatic” and “white” in a sentence make a messy human such as myself cringe with all the possible stain options. Whenever even the smallest amount of white is worn it can feel as if everything is out to stain you, tainting those crisp, clean whites. But there is this magical moment that happens when a monochromatic outfit is worn, seeming as if the skies just open up and the sun beams its white rays upon you as you strut your stuff down the street. What easier way to feel put together than to hangout on the minimal side of things?

‘Tis the season of resort 2016 collections, with a bevy of new designs that mold the upcoming trends and have us all ready to give our take on the designers’ looks. Many of the lines had these very bright whites and geometric cuts to their garments, making them feel fresh and edgy. Taking inspiration from Thakoon in his resort 2016 line, which was filled with wonderful white on white looks, mini skirts and long elegant jackets making this collection stand out to me. I am always drawn to white looks, there is always this sleekness that comes with wearing one of these outfits, it eludes a subtle confidence making one always stand out from the pack.

The key to working white pieces together is to play with variances in shades of white. In my look I chose to wear a bright white in my skirt, and pairing that with a warmer white in my crop top giving me cohesion but not feeling too matchy. This keeps the look very street chic, but also totally wearable. Knowing myself, and the messes that I can attract I chose to incorporate a subtle wash of blue with my long denim shirt-dress. Which not only provides a shield to any of the various food items that I could stain myself with, it also makes this look work for daytime keeping it more casual. In keeping with the light blue theme, I carried that down to my strappy sandals and also in my bracelets adding just the right amount of color but not too much.

We all have white in our wardrobes, it’s a classic color that can always be worn no matter what they say about wearing white after Labor Day or any other day for that matter. It is a good go to look that can be thrown together with the greatest of ease when all your other color options just wont fit the bill. Feeling sleek and chic is as easy as pairing a monochromatic look for whatever the day may throw at you. Going to brunch? Throw on some white. Need a day to night look? Shoot, grab your fave white pieces and add some subtle color to look the fiercest of the fierce. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your whites.

Get My Look: 1. White geometric mini skirt. 2. White crop. 3. Denim shirt-dress. 4.Chunky heeled-sandals.