STYLE GURU STYLE: Slay in Stripes

STYLE GURU STYLE: Slay in Stripes

There is something about clean lines, neutral colors and a great pair of denim that make any Fashionista’s heart sing. Although it is important to be versatile and trendy in the fashion world, we all know that stripes and denim will never go out of style. These are two qualities that I have always admired about Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren’s ready-to-wear collection for spring 2016 was my inspiration for this particular outfit. I believe that the goal for this collection was to showcase how strikingly beautiful simple pieces can be. I aimed to mostly emulate the blue vertical stripes and neutral accents from the collection. I combined their vision with some personal touches to make this look truly pop.

Each piece I am wearing is considered classic, however, I picked pieces that had specific details that would make them unique. For example, the top I am wearing has a classic collar and vertical stripes but, the top cuts down like a v-neck. Also, the four buttons on each sleeve and the slits on bottom make this top stand out.

My outfit consists of a Free People blouse and a pair of blue jeans. To add personal touches to my look, I am wearing scalloped ballet flats from Old Navy and a brown lipstick from MAC. These personal touches are what transformed this look from drab to fab. If you’re trying to dress up this look, I suggest a pair of neutral wedges and a darker shade of lipstick. Both elements will add the little bit of drama that you’re looking for.

Get My Look: 1. Any vertical striped shirt. 2. Blue colored denim. 3. Neutral shoes.