STYLE GURU STYLE: Slay in Black and Gray

It’s not easy competing against the lovely, trendy students of the Chicago area. However, fashion shouldn’t be a competition about who looks best—fashion is about having fun and feeling good for and about yourself. I am still getting used to dressing for my own eyes and wearing what I want to wear, not what I feel like I should wear. With my “innocently edgy girl” style, I proudly and confidently slay in black and gray.

Looking nice shouldn’t be all about the labels, which I’m just now realizing. Sure, it feels nice to have the latest Kate Spade handbag and to feel like a real-life Blair Waldorf, but the average college student cannot casually afford to drop hundreds every weekend to keep up with the latest trends and fads. That is why I have grown to love the secondhand stores near me. Obviously, Chicago is one of those expensive cities that just loves major fashion brands, so if I can save 30 bucks or more on a bagful of great brands and styles, I’m super stoked. It’s time to be a grown up and budget, and that is what my style is all about: being budget friendly.

With this outfit, I can go to class in the city and on the traditional, main campus and still feel edgy, comfortable, and fashionable. Since these skinny jeans are made from a stretchy fabric, I can move freely around campus without being annoyed by tight jeans, and go from train station to train station with no fashion faux pas. I absolutely adore solid-color sweaters because they are so easy to pair with accessories. I decided to wear a scarf with my gray sweater, which looked lovely with my black moto jacket. This jacket only cost me $14 at my favorite secondhand shop, and I wear this jacket every chance I get! It’s definitely a closet must-have, especially for the spring season to come. You don’t have to be an edgy style lover to own a trendy moto jacket like this! All that I needed to complete this look was a gray beanie, which makes this look appear effortless. With a fabulous ready-for-the-world attitude, I was ready for a day of errands. Remember, a casual, edgy look isn’t complete without some attitude. So wear those clothes, and don’t let the clothes wear you!