STYLE GURU STYLE: Sincerely Suave

I recently had a friend tell me that my style can best be described as “suave”. If that is the case, it is no wonder I took immediate interest in the Joseph pre-fall 2016 collection. With neutral classics contrasted against black staple items, I was surprised Vogue didn’t steal this slideshow directly out of my closet.

Louise Trotter commented on the collection saying she wanted something to seem “slightly off” to draw the audience members’ attentions while leaving them captivated in the ensembles. In the collection there’s a mixture of classic tailored pieces made of traditional materials like cashmere, suede and velvet. The gently custom-fit pieces incorporate beautifully into separate outfits; the pieces shape the body while providing dimension in the layering and composure in the buttons and trimmings.

In my look, I wanted to incorporate the blending textiles while also drawing in some of the classic pieces such as the trench coats, neutral skirts and black Chelsea boots. I pulled out my favorite corduroy button-up mini skirt to pair with my black Chelsea boots. On top, I layered a classic, fitted white button-down underneath my favorite crop turtleneck primarily for warmth in the bipolar Kentucky weather but also for that subtle layering seen at the cuff of the sleeve. Finally I added my favorite light camel trench coat for the final touch. It’s all-in-all a warm and functioning yet classic and suave look I’ll be sure to wear in the upcoming freezing temperatures ahead.

Get My Look: 1. Crop turtleneck. 2. Corduroy button-up mini skirt. 3. Trench coat. 4. Black Chelsea boots.