March 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

The T by Alexander Wang spring 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show featured looks that are both sporty and simple. More specifically, the look that I admire the most features an elongated, white button-up shirt. With this collection, Wang has managed to find the ultimate and hard-to-obtain balance between casual and stylish. All of the looks feature a more loungewear-inspired aesthetic and are appealing to those who would choose a pair of sneakers or sliders over a pair of high heels. He hits it home for all of my fellow Fashionistas/os who enjoy comfortable streetwear.

For this look, I tried to incorporate a button-down in an way that is perfect for everyday wear and is easy to wear. To ensure that my outfit is more casual and sporty, I chose to go with a top that is crinkled, oversized and made of linen. In addition, I cuffed the sleeves to my top to finish it off. I also went with a pair of boyfriend jeans. I like these boyfriend jeans in particular because they do not have rips and contribute to the overly simplistic look that I was going for.

To complete my outfit, I went with a pair of Stan Smith sneakers. These are an old favorite that are both comfortable and stylish. I also like how they add a subtle touch of color. Next time you are trying to find a way to be simple and sporty, think of including pieces that are inspired by this spring 2015 collection.

Get My Look: 1. An elongated button-up 2. A pair of boyfriend jeans 3. Sneakers.