STYLE GURU STYLE: Simply Bare, Yet Sophisticated

March 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

My motto is always “stick to simplicity,” and I do just that in one of my favorite Parisian looks. My STYLE GURU STYLE was influence by Vera Wang’s ready-to-wear collection for fall 2015. The neutral colors of the outfits really reverted back to the basics and created an overall sophisticated look. Wang said, “It’s reflective of how I live and dress,” and I really want my style to be parallel to this statement by showing who I really am.

My style really follows a true Parisian look by avoiding the overly bronzed look and striving for a genuine natural glow. Less is more when I pair a gray and white striped shirt with my favorite Paige Premium Denim skinny jeans. One of my favorite staple pieces in this look is my oversized, floppy, gray hat. It creates a little shade on a sunny, southern day. My look also follows Wang’s trend with my Chelsea-inspired leather boots. Although I love complicated layering and heavy accessorizing, lately I have come to appreciate the chic factor of a straightforward approach. I took an understated path with minimalistic silver bracelets and a naked neckline. This look does not have to be challenging and can be as simple as a white T-shirt with jeans.

Even though French girls do appreciate a red lip, I decided to take the bare approach with an au natural beauty look. I treated myself to a fresh, bare face with a brush of my brows, a little bit of concealer and a touch of mascara. To top off the Parisian look, I created a relaxed hairstyle by foregoing a daily hair wash and brushing through my hair with my fingers. I mean, isn’t that why dry shampoo was invented, anyway?

There is no better style to make you feel good than your own personal style. All I need to really complete my look is a trip to Paris and a plate of macaroons. As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

Get My Look: 1. Paige Premium Denim skinny jeans. 2. Gray and white striped shirt. 3. Oversized, floppy, gray hat. 4. Chelsea-inspired leather boots.