STYLE GURU STYLE: Simplicity Is Key

While I can be the first person to fall in love with the busiest, most extravagant ensemble on the runway or the streets, simple pieces that still carry a strong voice within them may have my heart. Colors and big fur may be fun, but a look full of tweaked basics that still grabs your attention says, “POWER,” like no other.

We can all agree that fall and winter are usually everyone’s favorite seasons to dress for. From endless layers and chunky scarves, to boots, gloves and your favorite trousers, it gives Fashionistas the perfect opportunity to push their outfit creating abilities. Usually, designers push the envelope within their collections, incorporating bold colors and fur, overly structured silhouettes and their latest boot interpretation. This past Paris Fashion Week however, Acne Studios’ approach in their fall/winter ready-to-wear collection, was one that I could not get over! Throughout the show, they mixed textures and used bold prints, all the while holding onto one important thing: simplicity.

Neutral, muted colors with splashes of contrasting tones graced the runway during Acne’s showing. Although the fitted, ankle slit trousers were my favorite staple from the collection, I decided to go with a long, deep purple knitted dress. I let the dark, earthy tones takeover, even painting my lips with a dark brown liquid matte lipstick called “Limbo” by ColourPop and decided to spice things up with an olive green leather jacket over the elongating ensemble.

From my observations, they weren’t big on neck wear, even forgoing necklaces, but I decided to drape a black, chunky H&M scarf over top in order to add to the look’s coziness. Noticing Acne’s subtle play on sleeves, including exaggerated lengths going all the way to the fingertips, and seeing as though it is winter, mixed texture gloves seemed appropriate. Although the Apple Watch was hidden underneath the sleeve, I decided to include the accessory for a subtle, modern feel. To complete the chic yet rugged look, I threw on my go-to black Dr. Martens, just skimming the hem of the dress. With Acne incorporating oversized sunglasses in a few of their looks and sunglasses being my favorite accessory, I couldn’t help but throw a gray pair on my face to top it all off. Put it all together and you’re a big pile of head turning basics!

Get My Look: 1. Knit maxi dress 2. Colored leather jacket. 3. Chunky scarf.