STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple, Yet Stunning

January 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

A Fashionista should always have a fail-safe party outfit that can serve her in any casual evening event, whether it is a nice dinner or even a sorority formal. I know as much as the next girl how desirable it is to stand out, but oftentimes the best evening wear is clean and simple. For events such as some of the more formal functions that you may attend in college, it is best to opt for something sleek, flattering and altogether sophisticated.

I found that Sally LaPoint’s pre-fall 2015 collection spoke particularly to this angle on evening wear. With a minimalist chic vibe, it presents ensembles that do not sacrifice grace and delicacy for sophistication and trimness. Outfits were comprised of pieces with simple silhouettes and modern, unfussy lines which altogether evoked an effortless casualness that could be carried into the evening. The primarily neutral palette, marked by blacks, whites and grays (with some pop colors), also contributed to an air of elegance that elevated the collection from a purely casual and wearable base.

Using this collection’s essence for inspiration, I composed this sweetly simple ensemble perfect for a treat-yourself evening out with the girls, a nice date or a formal. The black crop top and high-waisted puffy skirt are directly translated from the cropped sweater and silk ball skirt from the collection’s 23rd look, yet are shorter and flirtier. Although I’m wearing a crop top and miniskirt, the lengths are still modest and not very revealing. Knowing that dark and neutral colors are very flattering, I kept the outfit in a black and gray/silver color story, not only because it correlated with the collection, but also because it is a foolproof palette for the evening. The simplicity makes the details, such as the gems around the collar or the pattern and sheen of the skirt, more noticeable so that the outfit does not come across as flat or dull. When dressing your body type, one trick of the trade that I can impart to girls of shorter stature is that you can elongate your lower half by maintaining monotonicity of color from your legs to your feet. You can attempt what I have done here, with black tights and pumps, or invest in a nude colored shoe.

Although the collection is characterized by natural hair, makeup and starkness of jewelry, I decided to embellish my outfit ever so slightly. My geometric silver earrings are a simple, yet appropriate addition to the outfit, as is the subtle cat eye and clean swipe of red lipstick. To tie, or “braid,” it all together I imitated a side-swept hairstyle with a Dutch braid that starts at the side of my head and disappears into the rest of my hair. It is an easy hairstyle with a bit of an edgea perfect complement to a more subdued outfit for a semi-formal evening affair.

Get My Look: 1. A hot crop top. 2. A flirty puffy skirt. 3. Towering black pumps.