Summer is here, and summer brings the inevitable: heat, overbearingly bright sunshine, and from where I’m from, a bit of humidity. Regardless of these things, I am a huge fan of everything this dazzling season has to offer, especially the fashion trends. Mirrored sunglasses? Yes please.

Sunglasses with a mirror built in for your BFF to check her makeup aren’t the only things that I’ve been loving this summer season. I’ve also been a huge fan of the overall airy and light look that can only be worn during this time of the year. You couldn’t be caught dead in a romper and kimono in late October or even early April; you would be way too cold and it would totally look out of place. That’s why I let this look come to life on the days I want to feel feminine, casual and overall comfortable all while soaking up the warm sun feeling a cool breeze. I get a lot of inspiration from the Calvin Klein spring/summer ready-to-wear line for 2016 that graced the runways with it’s satin comfy-yet-chic line. Although my outfit might not be as ’90s-inspired as Calvin Klein’s, I took direct inspiration from the silhouette of the looks and obviously the color scheme.

As I mentioned before, I translated the feminine yet comfy-casual look from the Calvin Klein runway show to my own outfit through a low-cut romper and a light kimono. The romper’s crossover bodice is feminine yet extremely comfortable, and was basically designed for those hot summer days that fade into cool evenings. I partnered that with an airy and light kimono for a layered look that adds on more femininity to something that’s really simple.

I had to add an accent to this simple yet chic outfit, so I featured a purple amethyst bracelet on my wrist, which brought in some color while still being subdued and trendy. I love adding one accent piece to an outfit, no matter how small it might be. I finished off the look with a simple pair of black sandals. You can never go wrong with black, I’ll tell you that much!

Get My Look: 1. Romper. 2. Feminine kimono. 3. Black sandals.