STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Statements

In my own closet, I notice that I have such a variety of styles and I saw that same variety in Giamba’s resort 2016 collection. What stood out to me in this collection were the bold and abstract patterns and then the white lace pieces that contrasted each other. I am all about white shirts with lace detailing and love that a simple piece like that can change the feel of a look.

For my look, I decided to go wear a pair of jeans with this cotton candy, cloud looking pattern. I never really knew what to pair with these pants, but when I saw this shirt I immediately thought about wearing it with them. I think that they go together nicely and both have this subtle detailing to them. May I also add that I was at the mall this day and a little girl told me that my pants were beautiful! So, that made me feel even better about my outfit choice. The details of Giamba’s clothing are what caught my attention, even though the looks still have a simple feel to them, all of the patterns definitely stand out. The outfit that I chose works for me because it is laid back but each aspect of it has a statement of its own. This looks strays from my typically dark clothing choices with the light and airy colors. I threw on a pair of nude braided gladiator sandals to complete the light and subtly detailed outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Get the exact shirt that I am wearing or swap it out for something. similar. 2. Some patterned jeans. 3. A pair of sandals.