I love playing with accessories, patterns and especially colors! When it comes to summer fashion, bright colors are essential items to keep close. However, sometimes a neutral color can make just as big of a statemtent.

I have been very fond of the designer Zac Posen, and his recent ready-to-wear fashion line  has inspired a lot of my fashion for the summertime. My favorite part about this line is the classic approach to the runway trends, making them easily tranformable to street style.

I have been waiting to find the perfect time to wear this neutral colored dress. My favorite part about this piece is the mixture of colors at the bottom, giving my outfit a bit of flare. Accessories are always present in my everyday outfits. With this dress, it is as if the accessories are built into the clothing. An easy accesory to always play with are handbags.  Clutches have a huge presence this summer and come in all shapes and sizes.

For shoes I decided to stick with a pair of black flats. Flats are one of my most searched items when online shopping. Want to spice it up with your neutral clothing item? Use patterns to accentuate your fashion style. Cheetah print or a bold color choice is always a great direction to go in when looking for a statement item.

Get My Look: 1. A neutral colored, flowy dress. 2. A simple clutch. 3. A pair of black flats.