STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple and Spunky

January 25th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple and Spunky

This super simple but adorable look could make for a perfect outfit for any occasion. Personally, I love to layer clothes and have a lot going on with my outfits. However, nothing is wrong with going simple! You can wear this outfit on a cold or warm day, but bring a jacket just in case!

To start off, I decided to wear a rusty brown-colored dress. It’s details with the small ruffles at the top and buttons running down the middle really give this dress some edge (which is the look everyone is going for). It can be paired with a coat or even light jacket to have the layered look which would be comfortable in colder weather.

Here I have it paired with a big fluffy faux fur coat (it feels like a blanket) I absolutely love. The colors of the light coat and darker dress really tie in well together for a great picture. This could be the coat you wear for a night out to dinner or on the town. It is very classy and gives off the “expensive” look as well.

The shoes are one of my favorite parts about this outfit. They are super different and spunky and pull the whole outfit together. For me, shoes can make or break your outfit. You can never go wrong with buying too many pairs of shoes because they can make something you’ve already worn look completely different! The reason I picked these is because I felt it gave this simple style a bit of liveliness.