STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple and Classic

Ever since the end of winter, I have been waiting for when I could finally break out my favorite short sleeve tops and skirts. I have always loved the endless possibilities when it comes to the pairing of these two items, especially when it comes to dressing up and down. The sheer versatility it comes with definitely made this my go-to look for the season.

With that being said, it brings me to this specific outfit which was inspired by one of my favorite collections of the year, the kate spade new york spring 2015 line. It is a simply beautiful assortment, perfect for the warm weather. It incorporates fun patterns and bold color combinations, utilizing classically structured tops, skirts and dresses. I absolutely love the fusion of the cropped button-up tops with the A-line skirts as well as the boxy tops and shorts. This collection is a fresh take on springtime classics with creativity and unexpected elements.

In my inspired look, I paired a light blue button-up top with white polka-dots tucked into a basic black circle skirt. I added a silver bar necklace over the small, dainty collar and utilized my white leather bag with my black booties to add some height. All in all, I created a very simple but stylish outfit appropriate for any occasion.

Though this look is perfect as is, it can also be easily modified to give options day to day. For example, the button-up I’m wearing can be worn outside of the skirt, giving a more casual feel. Or it can be changed all together for a bright colored or patterned top to create an even more laid back summer vibe. This look is simple to re-create, by giving you the key items needed to get an effortlessly classic yet simple outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Any button-up top. 2. A circle skirt. 3. A white bag.