STYLE GURU STYLE: Silver Lining in the Clouds

January 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Silver versus gold. The long-waged battle of metals has time and time again raised gold as its champion. I myself am a dedicated gold fan. The beauty of both metallic shades lie in their ability to upgrade the most casual outfits with its luxurious, flashy appeal. However, as the spring 2016 collections hit the runways, it was clear that this time-old battle between the two was going to have a different outcome in the months ahead. Silver populated numerous runway shows and was interpreted in a myriad of ways by different designers. My personal favorite moment was the silver shorts at the Isabel Marant spring 2016 collection. The beach vibes of the sandals and the sun-kissed models contrasted perfectly with the edgy nature of the shorts, re-imagining the shiny metal in a unique way.

I decided it was time to give this upcoming trend a go, looking for a subtle approach to ease me in. In the same way the Isabel Marant collection contrasted the striking effect of silver with laid back California moods, I chose to go with an unexpected pair of casual sweatpants that had been upgraded with a silver racing stripe and drawstring. I decided to take the dressier route on this look, so I paired it with a crisp, white button-down and some bold cobalt heels. In the end, I broke out of my comfort zone and warmed up to the idea of silver being the coming trend.

Give silver a chance in your wardrobe this month. Just a small pop of this metallic color packs a powerful punch!

Get this look: 1. white button-down 2. chunky heels 3. embellished sweatpants 4.statement ring