I have a love and hate relationship with January. For one, I could have a lengthy conversation with January about the unreasonable cold unleashed here in Wisconsin. It makes walking to class a demanding journey rather than a commute. On the other hand, I would like to thank January, alongside with Badgley Mischka and Lanvin fall 2015 lines, for inspiring me to put two things together that, personally, I normally associate as a mismatched mistake—silver and gold.

It is clear to see why silver and gold are appropriate this month. The sparkling silver of snow hand in hand with golden, peekaboo rays of sunlight provide an ambiance that has quite the influential quality. In this ensemble, I tied together the two opposites with this beaded mini skirt. I see the skirt as a tool in this situation. The beads on the skirt are both silver and gold, much like the fully embellished garments made by Badgley Mischka this past season. This grants permission for both metallic colors to be utilized. In result, I was able to incorporate my own style by involving a silver, layered necklace with round, gold-trimmed sunglasses.

I channeled Lanvin’s line in a couple aspects. The skirt’s fabric is velvet, which was a popular theme with him this year. I also aimed for a loose fit on top with this black tunic, another popular theme in his line this fall. Not only does black match with both silver and gold, but with the unsaturated atmosphere of winter, the color displays a contrast that can help anyone to stand out on the street. Isn’t that what fashion is really all about? I built off this idea and added black booties and black tights to my presentation, again, making it my own. I touched this look off with a metallic lip, making it a true outfit fit for January.

Winter is cold and intimidating. However, that is all-the-more reason to fight the urge to dress solely for the weather. Dress for yourself too by standing out this season and remembering: silver plus gold equals bold!

Get My Look: 1. An embellished mini skirt. 2. A silver, layered necklace. 3. Round sunglasses.