Chanel’s pre-fall 2015 runway is filled with waist length jackets, thin pants and token headpieces. Ruffles, lace and texture grace the clothing, giving it an almost royal feel. From earmuffs to bowler hats, there is no lack of headwear to complete the looks. Chanel has done something powerful with everything from bows to knitwear and ponchos. There was so much inspiration in each look. The versatility was endless, so I had to give it a go.

On any given day, I am wearing mostly black. There’s something chic and comfortable about the color; I feel like I can never go wrong. However, with some of the all-white ensembles created by Chanel, I wanted to try something a bit different. Gray was as “different” as I got. A simple gray cashmere turtleneck and some comfortable thin black jeggings are the core of this look. The token pieces are what make it really special. A black and white checked waist length coat was my choice for some texture. This jacket is thick and full of surface. The scalloped front hangs in a very flattering way. Additionally, I’m wearing my favorite over-the-knee boots (though you can’t tell from the massive snow accumulation) and a black bowler hat.

Overall, I love the royalty feel this outfit has. Something about the short tweed jacket reminds me of Kate Middleton’s style. Everything about this look feels right. I can wear it to the office, to class, to dinner and just about everywhere in between. Versatile and stylish—my favorite.

Get My Look: 1. A simple waist-length coat  2. A simple turtleneck  3. A fun hat of your choice.