STYLE GURU STYLE: Shimmy The Night Away

July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion to me has always been a major form of self expression. The clothing you wear becomes an extension of yourself that shows the world who you are without even knowing you. The more I began to explore my fashion identity the more I began to see how I could rethink and remold who I was by experimenting with bolder looks. I became more confident and self assured when I took courageous leaps with different fashion statements and trends. My self esteem and courage have continued to rise as I become more adventurous and more comfortable in my own skin while also pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

I had been searching through different runway shows to become inspired to wear something different than the usual little black dress I always used as my comfort option. When I came across the Chanel resort 2016 collection I instantly felt invigorated from all the lively colors that jumped out at you and commanded your attention. The different colors and patterns clashed together creating a fun but also daring look. Even though I focused mainly on the dresses, I loved how this collection also had an assortment of blazer and skirt pairings and different types of pants as well. All the different looks had energetic colors that made you feel powerful just from looking at them. I also enjoyed the varying length of sleeves. Sometimes I prefer to wear a quarter sleeved dress or top in the summer, as opposed to the usual tank top style.

I knew I needed to get a dress that matched the fearlessness of this collection. I went with a simple pink base color that was intricately stitched with patterned sequins of varying colors. Even though I typically go for a more subtle look I loved the combination of the shimmering sequins designed in a decorative way. I wanted a similar combination of some darker colors in the dress as well to make it more sophisticated and less gaudy, which is why I loved the darker pink and purple accents. This collection featured mostly very plain shoes that were usually one solid color. My dress alone was very lavish so I also kept the shoes a simple cream color. However a lot of the collection also had floral accessories which is why I chose these shoes because they were subtle but still made a statement in a more delicate way. I also loved the big clutches that were featured frequently throughout the collection. I kept my clutch more neutral as well, since I did not want it to take away from my dress, but I still wanted to have the same styling from the collection. I really loved how beautiful the Chanel collection was and that it was a risk trying to pull it off on my own but that just made it all the more exciting.

Get My Look: 1. Sequined dress. 2. Floral pumps. 3. Chunky clutch.