Runway fashion has sometimes seemed out there and unusual to me. I have sometimes had difficulty wrapping my head around how these styles could be translated to everyday trends.  That being said, when I came across Giambattista Valli’s resort 2016 collection, I was pleasantly surprised. The collection contained numerous pieces that I would most definitely incorporate in my everyday style! It features many current trends such as fun summery floral patterns, tall strappy gladiator shoes, and the ever classic shift dresses. There’s one piece that really stands out to me the most in this 2016 collection and that is the white shift dress embellished with yellow and black flowers. This dress really sticks out because of the unique and beautiful way the flowers seem to be spilling out from the top of her dress; it draws your eyes to whoever would be wearing it.

For my take on his collection, I took Valli’s modern floral shift dress and put my own personal take on it. My half-sleeved Forever 21 shift dress shadows Valli’s simplistic, yet bold taste in floral patterns. By adding a gold statement necklace and a chunky stone ring I put a twist on Valli’s take on simplicity. For shoes, I chose to switch it up a bit from Valli’s collection and wore a pair of strappy brown leather wedges. A matching brown leather Coach purse ties everything together and completes my look.

Wearing a shift dress is very comfortable for the summer and overall can be casual or be dressed up a bit like I did with a pair of wedges. No matter when or where you want to wear your shift dress. always put your own unique style into it with accessories to make it your own.

Get My Look: 1. Patterned shift dress. 2. Leather Coach purse. 3. Statement necklace.