STYLE GURU STYLE: Sheer Summer Sweater Weather

In Mona Kowalska’s A Détacher collection, an element of ‘‘70s hand-me-downs” is used to achieve the ultimate boho look. Kowalska was quoted just days before the show recalling a quote she heard, “Childhood boredom is a special kind of boredom. It leads to this world of fantasy, daydreams and innocent fun”. And what says innocent fun like pleated skirts, sheer sweaters, loose-fitting rompers, landscape patterns and bright colors?

To recreate the vibe of A Détacher spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I chose pieces that were comfortable, loose and easy to be playful in. Unfortunately, I typically do not purchase brightly colored shirts due to my inability to eat/drink like a normal 19-year-old girl, so I chose a dark green sweater that was just sheer enough to stay on trend but not too sheer to be offensive. This sweater was also perfect because it is loose and allows me to move freely and really tap into my inner child. I really liked the lace detailing at the bottom of the sweater as well, it added a bit more femininity which I adore.

I completed the look with ripped, denim shorts, Jack Rodgers sandals and my absolute favorite camel-colored purse! My goal was to maintain the laid back feel of the A Détacher collection, but still make it personal with a few of my favorite signature pieces.

Finally, I did have to accessorize. I wore the two rings I wear every day (class ring and gifted ring from Grandma), big brown earrings, made of coconut, that were a gift from my best friend (Thank you, Zoe!) and layered necklaces.

Get my look: 1. Sheer sweater. 2. Denim shorts. 3. Cute sandals.