Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ fall 2014 ready-to-wear show ditched its vintage past for an edgier, androgynous show that incorporated BMX lingo into its clothing. The avant-garde coat-laden collection demonstrated how to incorporate boxy, men-inspired pieces into one-of-a-kind look. Whether it’s a colorful graphic piece or a giant bow coat, this collection shows us that we can all be edgy in our own ways.

How do I incorporate a boxy and grunge-like coat into my ever-so-girly closet? The challenge was accepted, and it was conquered. Previously, zippers, sharp edges and shoulder pads would never be seen on me; however, I have started to incorporate those fine details into my wardrobe. These details draw attention to the underlying ideas behind an edgy style. Although edgy may mean something different to all of us, to me, edgy means effortless, urban and modern. I drew inspiration from the sporadic golden zippers on the coat and the black jeans, ripped at the knees. The coat and jeans are imperfect. These elements are what create an effortless style, a style neither straight nor pristine. Along with the coat and jeans, I wore a large bag able to hold all of my school items and some leopard loafers that gave texture and chicness to the outfit.

The idea behind this coat was to not lose my style and personality in it. Frankly, any one can wear this coat but it is how they wear it that ultimately shows something about who they are. I wore an edgy piece but still kept my style girly, minimal and chic.

How will you wear your edgy clothes next?

Get My Look: 1. Distressed jeans. 2. Zipper coat. 3. Leopard loafers.