STYLE GURU STYLE: Shades of Gray

A dark and lacy palette incorporating knits and color blocking were Marc Jacobs’ staples for his fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The shrunken band sweatshirt adorning the first model combines the practical with the beautiful, especially when paired with a full skirt and a lacy white collar.

Marc Jacobs combined two different themes of fashion to create a flawless look. The emphasis on dark outerwear that is somehow simultaneously formless and chic, and the extensive use of shades of gray. All of his pieces played up the contrast between dark and light, layering bright white lace over billowing black and midnight blue skirts. Even the makeup on his models ranged from sickly pale to smeared with black.

The contrast of colors was not the only element that Marc Jacobs used to spruce up his collection. He mixed lavish with urban, merging luxurious adorned dresses, statement jewelry; and delicate crochet pieces with platform boots and enormous overcoats. These contrasting elements created a unique and chilling collection.

I applied the shapeless element and color scheme of the collection through a thick sweater and heavy dark boots. I finished the look with a cheap band T-shirt as a tribute to Marc Jacobs’ first look with the concert sweater. Just like Marc Jacobs, I played around with mixing different styles. The prim freshness of a knit sweater I nabbed from my mother’s closet paired with an unfinished printed T-shirt created the perfect contrast. Although I decided to forgo the rich eye makeup, I went with my own understated version of it. I went for a swipe of nude lipstick, winged dark eyeliner and a pair of boxy glasses. I added a bit of a modern twist to the look. I adorned some modest silver jewelry to put a little sparkle into my outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Knit cardigan. 2. Combat boots. 3. A band T-shirt.