STYLE GURU STYLE: Security Blanket (Scarves) Are In

February 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

You know that favorite outfit you had as a kid that you would refuse to change out of no matter how dirty it got or how many times your older sister told you to change? It had a way of making you feel comfortable and like yourself. Well, I am still guilty of owning pieces like that, but today mine are prints: stripes and plaid. Just as Taylor Swift loves her staple red lipstick, the two prints never get old to me. I constantly live in either or, but I am also always looking for different ways to spice them up. After fixating for hours over Faith Connexion’s pre-fall ready-to-wear collection (seriously, check it out!), I was inspired to wear both at once and mix the two prints.

I took cue from the chicly run-down collection and paired the prints with jeans that look like they’ve been worn and loved for years and an oversized shirt that desperately needed an iron. I strayed away from Faith Connexion’s ’80s grunge inspiration and made the outfit casual and practical. Because of this crazy winter weather, I had to find pieces that would keep me warm that I was able to layer. An oversized blanket scarf did just the trick and a good striped T-shirt goes with anything.

I kept the color scheme simple so I wouldn’t overpower the print combo, cuffed the jeans for stylish, cool-girl flair, added a pair of suede booties to dress up the outfit a bit and was ready to go!

Get My Look: 1. Striped T-shirt. 2. Plaid blanket scarf. 3. Ripped boyfriend jeans.