STYLE GURU STYLE: Season's Greetings

Markus Lupfer’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection is a dream. The collection consists of plaid, floral, skater skirts, dresses and knit sweaters—everything to make a young girl swoon. Equally adorable and expressive, it is comprised of various items one can easily accumulate into their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

With spring comes the arrival of that which is to be reborn. Once again flowers are delivered unto the deadened terrain, reviving all that was previously lost. It is no surprise that floral prints be reborn into the new fashion season as well. Naturally, I chose a staple that would perfectly embrace the embodiment of spring. These flowy floral pants are the perfect item for any lazy dresser. They go from comfy pajama pants to comfy everyday wear. I paired these loud statement pants with simple items: a black crop top and cardigan, seemingly unable to let go of the darker tones of the fall/winter season. I added a chunky crystal necklace to what would have been a very bare neck and finalized the look with some low ankle booties.

Though this collection may be a bit simple for some, I absolutely adore it. It contains a bit of English flair with the overcoats and dresses. Various other items can easily be transformed from slouchy lazy days to busy office attire. The silhouettes are classic favorites of mine that I would normally gravitate to if stuck in a fashion rut and suggest that many should look to Lupfer for some everyday ensemble inspirations when nothing in your wardrobe feels right anymore.

Get My Look: 1. Floral pants. 2. Crystal necklace. 3. Black booties.