STYLE GURU STYLE: Seams Overrated

Band of Outsiders has always been on the cutting edge of the latest fashions. It consists mostly of menswear-inspired women’s wear and twists on the classics, both of which I hold close to my heart. Their latest spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection consists of T-shaped dresses, black geometric patterns over pastels, casual silhouettes and a touch of whimsical pattern. I was captured most by this look, which highlights a certain simplicity that I yearn for (I often add more than I subtract). The subtle lined pattern on an extremely pale blue T-shirt dress encapsulates a “new mod” that I have become obsessed with. This seamless silhouette seems to have mystical powers; it never looks bad and when you catch someone wearing it, you wish it could magically appear on you. It is textbook definition “effortless.”

My take on this look can only be described as “the most simple I can go.” I fell in love with this T-shirt dress when I first saw it and it has fulfilled my unwavering desire to try a simpler approach to my fashion. My pull towards adding flair has not dissolved, though. To add a little bit of grunge, but allow the dress to keep its simple dignity, I added a pair of open thigh garter tights (I had been stalking them for a while), a black leather jacket, modern work boots, a Fossil clutch, a couple of antique rings, a silver spike necklace and a checked headband. The owl print on the clutch is right up my alley, with my attraction to the quirky and cute, and adds a little personality to the outfit. I chose this look to go to a concert for the psychedelic indie-rock group, Of Montreal. The dress was super comfortable for dancing in and the layers were perfect for surviving in the outside chill mixed with the inside sweat chamber. Thanks to Band of Outsiders, I have been struck with the inspiration to go seamless and simple.

Get My Look: 1. A simple T-shirt dress. 2. Open thigh garter tights. 3. Ankle high, tan work boots.