Classic Americana gets a unique makeover with the Sea resort 2016 collection. Made up of almost entirely denim and bandana prints, the collection couldn’t feel more like a home grown summer in the USA…with a few chic alterations. The denim in this collection is beautifully adorned with bleach screen-printed designs, which tie in perfectly with the patterned accessories. Intricateness is the name of the game in this gorgeous and fairly androgynous resort collection.

Due to the relaxed accessibility of the pieces, this was one of the simplest designer collections to translate into my wardrobe. Mostly, people have denim somewhere in their closet, and none of the garments are truly avant-garde enough to be intimidating. It is refreshing to “sea” a collection that isn’t trying too hard to be fashionable. The details in the Sea resort collection don’t scream for attention, but rather become the focus by making one look closer and appreciate the work put into each piece.

The looks, and therefore my outfit, are made up of denim and shades of white, black and gray. I chose to pair a denim button-up blouse with white shorts, but any combination of the elements would suffice. In order to incorporate the delicate but complex design details of the collection, I wrapped a paisley print scarf around my neck (not quite a bandana, but the effect is the same). There is no shoe more humble than a worn-in pair of Converse, and I put the finishing touches on the look by adding simple accessories, like my favorite staple watch.

P.S. This is a great collection for DIY inspiration! A bleach pen and a denim jacket are calling my name as we speak.

Get My Look: 1. A denim shirt. 2. Pair of white shorts. 3. Your choice of bandana print scarf.