STYLE GURU STYLE: School In The Streets

Every season, when people see the selection that Public School has to offer, they’re normally speechless with awe. The word that comes to everyone’s mind when they preview a new collection is cool. The way the models are able to portray the clothing in such a sleek and crisp manner is mesmerizing.  How can these guys take such simple color pallets and classic designs and renovate them into something so street-saavy and modern? Unfortunately, the ultimate answer to that question lies in Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne’s heads, but we can explore ways how to emulate and incorporate their styles.

Taking a look at major aspects from Public School’s spring 2016 menswear collection, it can be seen that their garments and outfits revolve around three central colors: black, white and navy blue. These are three classic pigments that have withstood the tests of time and offer major versatility with one another. It seems that the two articles of focus for this collection are the outerwear and footwear. A modern looking sporty jacket and simple, sleek sneakers can really promote the idea of a casual and “cool” look. If worn correctly, the jacket can become the central piece of the outfit, and the footwear can be the cherry on top.

For the outfit I arranged, I chose to stick with the timeless black and white color scheme. I decided to don a plain white T-shirt under a black textile bomber jacket. This decision allows people to know that my jacket is meant to be the subtle, central piece of my outfit. This look can be done with almost any other type of military/sporty jacket, but just make sure that what is under the jacket is white and plain so that it pushes attention away from itself. As for the bottoms, I opted for slick looking black Alexander Wang trousers because it helps to reinforce the black in the outfit; make sure that the pants match the jacket. Finally for the sneakers, I made the choice to wear monochromatic black Ronnie Fieg Puma sneakers. The black sneakers help add a linear aspect to my outfit from the neck down. The same touch can be achieved by any other black sneaker, but it is best to note that the sneaker color should be the same as the bottoms and the central piece of the top. This really helps to tie the outfit together as a whole.

Which ever color you choose as the focus (black, white or navy blue), just make sure that it is really prominent in what you are wearing. The key here is not to be very showy with colors, but instead use the details of the garments you are wearing to attract the attention. Public School’s style does a great job of integrating a streetwear look into every day outfits; that’s what makes them so unique and special.

Get My Look: 1. A white T-shirt. 2. Sporty looking black, white or navy outerwear. 3. Matching fitted trousers. 4. Matching leather sneakers.