STYLE GURU STYLE: Salute To Summer

One only has to wander down the empty aisles of back-to-school supplies to know that summer is coming to a close. Adieu to the days of sunscreen and freckles and hello to a reason to shop-brand new trends. In the Ralph Lauren spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection a multitude of colors and textures snuggle beside one another to create an homage to military inspired style with a feminine twist. Olive green, khaki and gray can be found paired with unexpected jewel tones that transform the collection to a bright and elevated take on safari style.

My look is centered around a wardrobe staple that I have had for years and always seems to come back into style: an over-sized, cargo trench-coat. Most of the coats in the collection are bright yellow, orange or purple but I stuck with a neutral color palette. As it turns out, sometimes fashion does need to be practical.

One of the main elements of the collection was the mixture of textures so I was careful to make the look not only visual but tactile. The thin sweater contrasts directly with the heavy coat material and adds a more flirty feels to the army-inspired look. The olive green tank top easily pairs with the gray cargo-style skinny jeans, a perfect blend between army and feminine. I love the attention to detail shown in the dark seams that create a knee-pad and large pocket effect without changing the silhouette. In the Ralph Lauren collection, most of the cargo pants are slightly more over sized and made out of a softer material, likely a suede or silk blend, to add to the luxury appeal.

I never thought I would refer to Forrest Gump for fashion advice but his wisdom on footwear is right on the money: “There’s an awful lot you can tell about person from their shoes. Where they’re going, where they’ve been.” I don’t think the models in their sky high heels have been much farther than up and down the runway in those shoes. Say a prayer for their ankles. My shoes are a slight twist on the pumps shown in the collection, chosen because I still haven’t mastered the thin and tall heel double whammy. Height I can handle but I need a wide heel to give me some stability. Praise the chunky heel trend!

The last piece of the look is entirely my own: a delicate druzy stone necklace. The Ralph Lauren collection features large dangling gemstone earrings which honestly aren’t my style. While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, never sacrifice your individuality to adhere to a trend or runway show. This necklace adds a pop of color to my look and lets my personality shine through. A beautiful blue stone hung on a light gold chain studded with green stones is quintessential Sarah and the perfect way to bring together this look.

Get My Look: 1. Cargo style skinnies. 2. Trenchcoat. 3. Mules. 4. Necklace.